Californians Who Endured The Rain

Californians Who Endured The Rain


Originally I am from Southern California, where the state has been in drought for years. When it rains social media feeds are “flooded” (ha) with posts about the weather, as if their fellow neighbors did not already know. But while browsing through my news feed during this storm I found a few people who really took the rainy days by storm (i’ll stop with the puns).

I present to you, the people who adventured it the hell up during this week’s California storm.
Boogie Board Guy

Someone had to do it….

Rubber Ducky ManĀ 


Surf Kid


And for our Californians who got snow, these kids..

See just because it’s raining doesn’t mean you have to stay inside, you just need to get a little creative, through on a wet suit, and go shred in your front yard.

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