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Pumpkins & Pipeline

Pumpkins & Pipeline


Just like home in Southern California, Hawai’i does not have much in terms of seasons. I usually joke around with people, saying the only way you really now the seasons have changed, is when the flavors at Starbucks have changed.

With Fall being my favorite season of all, and living where the leaves stay green all year round, I was craving some Autumn-like activities. So Matt and I set out on a Sunday and did a little Aloha-style October fun.   Our apartment has had decorations for over a month, and I already had three pumpkins, but I still wanted to get one from the Waimanalo Country Farms patch. When we showed up it felt as if half the island was walking around the cleared out corn field taking family photos, and drinking some of their famous nalo-ade.                                                                           We had some hot dogs, watched the goats, and laughed at the site of people dressed head to toe in winter clothes walking around (it was in the 90’s). Eventually we found a winner, and took home our prize pumpkin for $12.




We were blessed to have great weather for this Sunday out and about, and knew that we couldn’t let it go to waste. We wanted to end our day in our favorite area, Haleiwa, and being on the opposite side of the island, we had a trek in front of us. What better way to continue our journey other than coffees in Kailua. We stopped at my usual shop Morning Brew, and enjoyed being surrounded by the smell of espresso, and warm muffins. Now would this have been better with giant oak trees out front and a little bit of cloud coverage? Of course. But this is aloha style, so blue skies and palm trees it was.

We had a little over an hour drive till we reached Haleiwa, and along the route there are tons of little niches that are unique to O’ahu, and this time we stopped at one. We have seen this tree dozens of times, it sort of reminds of a nautical Christmas tree. Thankfully there was parking along the side of the road for us to hop out real quick. The ground was surprisingly flat, and seemingly perfect for a picnic, we noted that for next time.


After a few pictures, and stretching our legs, we were back on the road towards the North Shore. We could tell that the closer we got that the ocean was looking more and more less peaceful. And as the waves got continuously bigger alongside the road, there were more and more trucks and cars parked along the sides. After some deliberation we decided that we had to at least check out Pipeline to see what was going on. The waves were hitting about 10-15ft, and you could hear them slam down on shore line. It was crazy to see just what nature could do. It was also just as insane watching everyone heading out on body boards and short boards to go ride these waves.

It may not be in the 60’s and I can’t quite wear my boots or flannels without sweating, but I think aloha-style fall isn’t all that bad. I will get my Vermont issued Autumn one day, with all the orange and red leaves I can get. But where else can you go to a pumpkin patch and watch people surf massive waves, while drinking out of cold coconuts? I’l enjoy these unique experiences while I can.








It’s time to make a new beginning, or a new ending. That’s the best part of life, we don’t know what chapter we are in  

Today was a day of checking off errands then ditching them for some quiet from the city. I grabbed a book, my camera, and my car keys.

In an hours time I reached Green World Farms and sat outside it’s doors with a hot cup of coffee.  

There’s a sense of freedom when you run from your house, your chores, your responsibilties for the open road. The windows down and wind twirling and spinning your hair, music blaring along it’s swirls.

This with the painted golden hour land scape is the cure for a clogged mind. This is what strips you a bit, exposes your soul, resets your mind.  

Here is where you get to guess what chapter you are in.

Four Places I Go For Inspiration

Four Places I Go For Inspiration

Places I Go to for a little inspo kick start

We all have a few places that we can runaway to when we need a breather, or to regain a little creativity.


Break Down Beach (North Shore)

With the heavy tourist concentration on o’ahu it can be a little hard finding somewhere to freshen up the’ol brain cells that’s not heavily saturated in fake plants and hibiscus patterend designs. One day on a quest to out run the tourists and ukulele soundtracks I came across this beach. Roughly an hour and a half from my house, it’s quiet, usually empty when Im walking around, and has a raw beauty to it. Walking barefoot through the more grittier sand on the island gives me some time to just focus on the sand under my feet, and give my mind a little rest. Usually this is when its easiest for me to think of more things I want to add to my bucket list, imagine new photo opprotunities, or reflect on some quotes I’ve read in the past. The pretty seashells don’t hurt either.



Rock Creek Mammoth Ca.

Hearing nothing but a babbling creek and birds chirping in the oak trees is bliss. Walking around trails that hug the frigid little creek is usually where I dream up new travels for myself and create plans for an even calmer life style. Being outdoors, especially with a fishing pole in your hands, helps a lot of us think of things in our life beyond out computer and cell phone screens.



Encinitas, Ca.

I have to credit this entire city. In my beginning years of college I would drive down to Encinitas at least three times a week. Something about the place just really vibes with me. Whether it is the plants that are growing on the cliffs, to the paint on store shop walls, I’m not sure but it works. You can get the entire California feel without the huge batch crowds or totally obnoxious bro surfers. Its a city that revolves around the beauty of the sea and glows yellow hues during golden hour.



The library.

Yes this may seem a little obvious to some people, but it’s almost like people have forgotten that libraries exist anymore. Walking into a library and down any row I am immediately thrown into a variety of thoughts and ideas. The nature section (which is one of my favorites) gives me inspo on new places I want to travel, or just meet people from. The library brings back a little spark in my traveling self.


Do you have a certain place that you love to get inspiration from? Tell me about it in the comments below 🙂